TIPC and Deep Transitions celebrate contribution of Ed Steinmueller


Members, panellists, coordinating universities and partners pay tribute at celebratory workshop, culminating in a reception.

TIPC and Deep Transitions teams met in the UK to celebrate the remarkable contribution of Ed Steinmueller, who retires this year having played a crucial role since 2016 in conceptualising and delivering both programmes.

Team members shared fond memories and tributes at a workshop and reception in Brighton. They expressed appreciation for Ed’s dedication to the study of socio-technical system change, and to his work with public policy and private investors to embrace a new frame for innovation that addresses the SDGs. 

Johan Schot, who has worked alongside Ed for many years, and co-authored the foundational Tres marcos para la política de innovación paper with him, celebrated the qualities that make Ed such a valued colleague. 

'I have experienced many milestones with Ed. But in our latest collaboration, the work with the Global Investors Panel in the Deep Transitions project, he really outdid himself. He is loyal, supportive and someone you can count on, while at the same time, prepared to really criticise you. This is the best possible combination – there are few people who can convey critique but still make you feel safe and stay with you, even when things get difficult. Ed is the critical friend everyone needs in life.’

Vicky Shaw, who has worked closely with Ed on learning programmes and resources since 2019, paid tribute to his curiosity and openness to the world, as well as his passion for teaching, his deep commitment to the purpose and mission of TIPC, and his dedication to hard work and support for others in the team. 

Andy Stirling, based at SPRU, shared memories of the huge contributions Ed has made to the social and intellectual life of the department at Sussex.

Further tributes were made by others in the TIPC and Deep Transitions team – including Geraldine Blloomfield, Caetano Penna, Bipashyee Ghosh and Matias Ramirez – before Ed himself reflected on his motivations for working across both projects and how they have influenced him as a scholar and person. 

The reception closed with a musical tribute from former colleagues at SPRU, Marion Clarke and Phil Johnstone.

Ed will continue in his retirement as an advisor to TIPC and Deep Transitions, while deepening his personal research interests and enjoying more free time, travel and leisure with his wife Robin, who joined the teams for the farewell event.