TIPC’s Open Learning Series returns


Connect with a global community to explore how projects, programmes and policies for system change can be more transformative

TIPC’s Open Learning Series is back, with a new sequence of events kicking off 7 November to support knowledge sharing and collaboration between transformative change makers.

The series provides spaces for those working on transformative policy approaches globally to refresh their knowledge, connect and learn from one another, with the aim of shifting the narrative for science, technology and innovation policy towards a focus on transformation and the SDGs. 

During the first series, which took place in 2021 and 2022, TIPC received 1,273 registrations from over 40 countries for 12 global online events that addressed core concepts and methods for Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP), including Theories of Change for TIP, Resultados transformadores, Evaluación formativa, Misiones transformadoras y el Laboratorio de recursos de TIP.

In the next phase, events will support learning from the emerging knowledge community. These include researchers, funders, project leads, evaluation and impact professionals, and policy practitioners working globally to further develop TIP thinking, to connect it to other fields, and to implement TIP in diverse projects and geographical contexts. 

We will also draw on tools and case studies from the Laboratorio de recursos de TIP, with users of the platform and our Red de Entrenadores invited to share experiences and insights from the practical application of resources.

First event explores collective action for transformation

The first event in the series will take place on 7 November and address collective action for transformation, drawing on work between TIPC researchers and the Government of Catalonia on ‘Shared Agendas’ for complex local challenges.

As in previous years, events will – where possible – provide opportunities for the community to connect and explore topics collectively, for example, through small group breakouts, surveys, chat discussions, and Q&A sessions. 

‘These theoretical concepts are important and require direct engagement with practitioners working in the policy sector,’ said Imraan Patel, TIPC founding board member and Deputy Director-General at the Department for Science and Innovation in South Africa.

The sentiment is echoed by Johan Schot, TIPC’s academic director, ‘Working on system change is hard and difficult. The pertinence of action-research tools and practical insights continues to grow for governments, policymakers and practitioners as the challenges posed by the SDGs, climate change and inequality, keep deepening. The knowledge community brings together the experience gained in the transformative change arena.’

Victoria Shaw, TIPC Programme Director, said, ‘We are looking forward to reconnecting with the TIP knowledge community, and to continuing this platform for learning and insight on Transformative Innovation Policy across global contexts.’

Open learning series welcomes TIP community and newcomers

The open learning series welcomes anyone that is interested to learn about, engage with and contribute to TIP. For those entirely new to TIP, it is worth browsing our website tipconsortium.net to get an idea of key TIPC concepts, aims and ambitions. To register for sessions and get the latest on the Open Learning Series, join the Lista de correo de TIPC and follow TIPC on LinkedIn o X

To propose sessions, contact Christoph Brodnik, Expert Advisor to the series, or Victoria Shaw.