Company tensions in transformative change

Tensiones empresariales en el cambio transformador

The actions of private companies play a critical role in sustainability transitions. Companies can both drive transformative change and maintain unsustainable systems. From an organizational perspective, transformative change often manifests in paradoxical tensions between economic, environmental, and social targets. To...
Pitch Your Transformation: Water Innovation Hub

Presenta tu transformación: Water Innovation Hub

This session of ‘Pitch Your Transformation’ combines: Fit4Food: Transforming the system of promotion of healthy and sustainable diets in Barcelona Creating a tool to supporting sustainability transitions for the water-energy-food nexus policies Water Innovation Hub Each project will present for...
Agroecological niches in the Global South

Nichos agroecológicos en el Sur Global

The Food System is a socio-technical system with very well known negative externalities for the environment, for social equity and for health, to mention the most important ones (FAO, 2019; IAAST, 2021). It is extremely difficult to find sustainable ways...