Paulina Terrazas


Applied research specialist with over 12 years of experience in evidence for strategic decisions. She worked on TIPC as part of the Local Development and International Cooperation Doctoral Programme at Ingenio-CSIC-UPV, focusing on Second Order Learning and MOTION projects. Previously, Paulina coordinated the public sector work towards the 2030 Agenda implementation in Mexico and headed the Specialized Technical Committee for Sustainable Development Goals. As a result from that work, the first national multisector strategy towards sustainability was elaborated. Paulina is a political scientist and international relations specialist from the Mexican Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), with an MPA in Public and Economic Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK. She has worked in the academic, social, international and private sectors in different responsibilities to promote the use of evidence in high level decisions. With a permanent interest in development and its drivers, she has worked in depth for the education and health sectors. Lately, she has been more and more interested in studying how social, environmental and economic elements interact, and how innovation may pave the way towards sustainability.
Papel en TIPC: Doctoral researcher and policy specialist