MOTION event: Citizen Engagement Towards Sustainable Cities

Past Event
25 November 2021 17:00 (GMT)
25 November 2021 18:30 (GMT)

Transitions towards sustainability require a deep commitment from citizens in different locations. For citizens and activists, this event will bring the opportunity to interact with MOTION projects happening in their own cities, and to have a space to raise their efforts and concerns towards sustainability transformations. Partners from SuSMo and ACT on NBS are key to starting and engaging in a dialogue with citizens and activists. For policymakers and researchers, this event will shed light on the importance and challenges for citizen engagement in innovative sustainability projects.


  1. To open a space to listen and share citizens’ and activists’ perspectives and proposals regarding more sustainable cities with a specific focus on the learnings and behaviours that they consider relevant for transformations.
  2. To share what SuSMo and ACT on NBS are about, and how the two projects promote learning, new behaviours and citizen engagement.
  3. To build a conversation with citizens and activists about how some of their perspectives and proposals may relate to the two projects and to listen to what citizens think about them.


  • Introduction, context and expectations from the event
  • Citizen audios and open questions
  • SuSMo
  • ACT on NBS
  • Open discussion with participants

Target participants:

  • Citizens from different European cities
  • EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Hubs, partners, organizations and stakeholders from Southern and Central Eastern Europe.
  • Policymakers and practitioners interested in learning about citizens’ activities, interests and ideas.
  • Program owners at national, regional, and local levels.