Eu-SPRI Annual Conference 2024: Transformative Research and Innovation Policy European Hub

Past Event
7 June 2024 12:00 (GMT)
7 June 2024 12:45 (GMT)
Enschede, University of Twente

Policies for science, technology, and innovation (STI) can, among other things, be understood as attempts to create a better world. But what world is better, for what, for whom? Political, moral, and efficiency-economic values influence the direction and instruments of STI governance, sometimes explicitly, as in the recent shifts in STI governance to mission-oriented or challenge-based approaches, and sometimes in more implicit or hidden manners. Competing worldviews of actors involved in STI policymaking go hand in hand with questions of justice and equality, importance and irrelevance. The conference invites to identify and discuss the explicit and implicit, competing and complementary normative orientations that drive STI policy and research in the many contexts where it takes place.

Where STI takes place, we find sites of world-making. The conference will explore and debate (a) what conceptions of “better worlds” are being pursued by STI policies and (b) how they are assumed to be achieved and designed. Also: What is STI policy research’s role in all that?

In general, the Eu-SPRI Forum conference will explore a range of questions including:

  • How are “better worlds” cognitively constituted, socially negotiated, politically justified, culturally constructed, technically and materially equipped, or economically priced? How are “better world” claims adopted and implemented through STI governance and policy?
  • What counts as “value” and “valuable”, and as “good” or “better” in STI governance and policy – and what does not?
  • How can STI governance and policy address justice and equality, and injustice and inequality?

The Transformative Research and Innovation Policy European Hub will be hosting a session at the conference.

This session will inform participants about the nascent network of European STI ministries, agencies, funders, and research organisations dedicated to transformative R&I policy for sustainable and equitable development. Also, the session will share the central goal to enhance partnerships between STI policy research organisations and public administration in the field of STI to co-produce – through different kinds of engagements – transformative R&I policy initiatives.

The full programme for the Eu-SPRI 2024 Conference can be accessed here.