Futures Literacy in Transformative Innovation Policy – Part 1: Introduction

Past Event
1 September 2021 09:00 (GMT)
26 September 2021 12:30 (GMT)

The first in a three-part TIPC Nordic Learning Event, which will explore the role of Futures Literacy in delivering transformative change.

About this event

The Futures Literacy philosophy and methodology can enrich the current reorientation of innovation policy learning, leadership and development by encouraging us to question our implicit ideas about what the future will look like and should look like.

We start to experience ourselves as part of the problem, implicated in (re)producing unsustainable sociotechnical systems, to question our underlying assumptions about the future, critically assess our own preferences and experiment with alternatives.

This is the first in a three-part learning journey for TIPC’s Nordic members, which will explore the role of Futures Literacy in delivering transformative change.


In Part I, we will provide an introduction to Futures Literacy and the importance of anticipation in relation to third-generation innovation policy and Transformative Innovation Policy.

Through interactive group exercises, we will explore how we locate the imagination in relation to systemic change, how we work with the future in our own organisations and consider the value this might add to transformative policy approaches.

The session will include a series of lunchtime café conversations designed to prompt thinking and ideas about the role of Futures Literacy in organisational and societal change.

We will close with an outline of the Futures Literacy Laboratory methodology, a learning method developed by UNESCO to apply action-learning, collective intelligence, and creativity heuristics to anticipatory thinking. You will be invited to opt in to a two-day laboratory to learn the method.

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Who should attend?

This is a learning space for those leading programmes and/or developing and implementing STI policies at TIPC members in the region: Business Finland, Vinnova and The Research Council of Norway.

We also welcome participants from regional research institutes and other organisations and communities collaborating with Nordic members on transformative policy approaches.

Previous knowledge of TIP thinking/methods or forecasting/futures is not required. The following sites introduce the themes and may be of interest:

– Futures Literacy Norway: https://futuresliteracynorway.blogspot.com/

– TIPC online learning resources: www.tipconsortium.net/learning/online

– AFINO – Responsible research and innovation in Norway – NTNU

– Centre for Digital Life Norway: www.digitallifenorway.org/about


Once registered, you will receive a Zoom link and further details in advance of the workshop dates.

This is an interactive process, in which your active engagement is integral to the group learning experience. We therefore ask you to ensure you are available for the complete duration of the workshop before registering.

We look forward to welcoming you.