MOTION Webinar: Transition to green living – the barriers and opportunities for sustainable communities

Past Event
18 November 2020 13:30 (GMT)
18 November 2020 14:30 (GMT)

This webinar is organised by MOTION project partners. The event takes place on 18 November 13:30 – 14:30 CET via Zoom.

Background information: 

The need for a sustainability transition is omnipresent. One approach that continues to gain traction is so-called “socio-technical system change”, in which our systems of provision, e.g. the transport and healthcare system but also food and electricity provision, are reconsidered entirely, with sustainability as the defining factor. “Socio-technical” relates to the assumption that technological innovation, like the electric car, can only lead to long-term impact if connected with wider social and behavioural change, like letting go of the car as the dominant mode of transport and vice versa. In other words, innovation and social change need to go hand in hand to achieve a true transition to sustainable living.

Many new initiatives that offer alternative and more sustainable solutions for providing societal needs are emerging. Which barriers are they facing when striving to implement socio-technical system change? Which opportunities do they offer for long-term sustainable living? And what is our role as citizens in all this? How can we contribute to breaking down barriers for more sustainable communities? By bringing community representatives, sustainability initiatives and sustainability transition experts to the table, this webinar aims to inspire a discussion about these questions.


To register for the webinar, please follow this link. Registration is free of charge.