Policy Experimentation for Transformative Change in the Nordic Region






Drawing on insights from research and practical implementation, TIPC invites you to join a space for learning and co-creation on the role of science, technology and innovation in delivering transformative change



Transformative change will require a reimagination of the actors, technologies and institutions of today. There is a need to rethink the rules of civil society, policy, and knowledge, and encourage experimentation beyond the boundaries set by incumbent actors.

Innovation policy makers are increasingly working as agents of transition, facilitating change in an integrated way towards global aims such as the SDGs.

In Finland, Sweden and Norway, several ongoing projects are exploring new ways of encouraging transformation. By sharing experiences between projects and countries, the current initiatives can strengthen each other.

Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP)

The TIP theory sets out a new frame for science, technology and innovation policy that places social and environmental challenges at the core.

TIPC is a five-year programme dedicated to policy experimentation, evaluation, capacity building and research to give substance to this ‘third frame’.

By providing a space for concrete collaboration between STI agencies and researchers, our ambition is to see the widespread adoption of new policies and practices across the globe.

Each member country and partner policy teams have their own story to tell. With three years of theory preparation under our collective belt, the network is now creating and enacting TIP to explore how this policy approach can make transformation happen across all regional hubs .


Based on the experiences of researching and implementing TIP in practice, this learning programme offers an opportunity to build knowledge, networks and a shared vision for TIP in the Nordic context.

COVID-19 is leading to experimental new ways of interacting and learning from each other. Over the course of three digital sessions, researchers and practitioners will engage in interactive exercises to collectively reflect on insights from current projects and case studies.

You will learn about:

  • TIP in practice: parallel TIPC projects with Vinnova and Climate-KIC
  • In-country work of transformative change in Finland and Norway

You will practically explore:

  • Creating Theory of Change from a TIP perspective
  • Building practitioner networks for learning in action
  • Links between TIP and mission-orientated innovation
  • Second-order learning for systemic transformation

Who should attend?

This is a learning space and network opportunity for practitioners and researchers involved in policy experimentation within the Nordic member organisations of TIPC: Business Finland, Vinnova and The Research Council of Norway.

The format and content are primarily designed for those with an active engagement in TIPC activities. This programme forms one step towards an increased exchange within the Nordic hub.

Dates and registration

Join us in September and October to shape the future for science, technology and innovation policy.

  • September 23 Introductory webinar
    (10:30–12:00 CEST)
  • September 29-30 Two-day interactive workshop
  • October 27 Concluding webinar
    (10:30–12:00 CEST)

Preparatory material will be made available in advance of the first webinar. This is likely to require 2-3 hours for participants confident in their understanding of TIP or 5-8 hours for those needing a more complete refresher.

Register through Eventbrite by Friday 4 September.

This is an interactive process, in which your active engagement throughout is integral to your own and others’ learning. Full participation in all three sessions is therefore a requirement for registration.


During the learning programme, we will adhere to the principles that:

  • This is a collaborative process in which researchers and practitioners will work as equal partners and depend on each other’s commitment. The problem owner is the expert on the problem.
  • It is a learning process for everyone involved, including the TIPC team. Transformation requires experimentation, out-of-the ordinary actions and an open mind.
  • Learning involves the whole person – individual values and lived experience play critical roles in understanding and delivering transformative change.


For questions from practitioners regarding content and format of the series, please contact Josefin Lundström, Analyst at Vinnova, on josefin.lundstrom@vinnova.se.

You can also direct enquiries to Victoria Shaw, Programme Director for the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium, on v.a.shaw@sussex.ac.uk.