Systemic change in the Global South: Working with Transformative Outcomes

Past Event
8 December 2023 08:00 (GMT)
8 December 2023 09:30 (GMT)

This Open Learning Series session took place on 8 December 2023. You can watch the recording by clicking on the video below. 

TIPC’s Open Learning Series brings together the knowledge community – researchers, funders, policy practitioners, consultants and other agents of transition – for practical insights, shared learning and enquiry. We welcome diverse perspectives from people around the world working on transformative change. Please ensure you can participate with cameras on where possible. This event will be in English.

This session has been timed at 08:00 GMT to support engagement with the knowledge community for Transformative Innovation Policy in the Asia-Pacific region. The session will provide networking opportunities for participants.

How do we assess and reorientate system change? Join us for a comprehensive exploration of the seminal Transformative Innovation Policy concept of ‘Transformative Outcomes’, a guiding framework for practitioners involved in enhancing systemic change initiatives.

In this interactive online webinar, we will learn about:

  • the evolution of Transformative Outcomes
  • new developments in the field
  • practical tools for the application of Transformative Outcomes in projects, policies and programmes
  • application in Indonesia

We will dedicate attention to contextualising this concept within the Global South—a term that encapsulates specific socio-political-economic features, such as dysfunctional institutions perpetuating social exclusion. These regions exhibit varied innovation opportunities, ranging from frugal bottom-up approaches to sophisticated technologies.

Against this background, the event will spotlight recent endeavours applying this framework within the Indonesian context and will provide networking opportunities fostering connections among individuals engaged in transformative change initiatives in Global South contexts.


This session is delivered in partnership with AIT – Austrian Institute for Technology and contributors include:

Suci Lestari Yuana, a Lecturer at the Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Yuana is scholar focusing on research in digital innovation, sustainability transition, and circular economy. Yuana is also a participant in TIPC’s Network of Coaches for the TIP Resource Lab.

Bipashyee Ghosh, a Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex Business School, UK. Bipashyee is one of five authors of a pivotal paper on Transformative Outcomes published in 2021 (below).

Christoph Brodnik, an independent consultant and researcher based in Melbourne, Australia. Christoph works with TIPC on knowledge management and with policy makers and practitioners on policy analysis and strategy development for transformation-oriented initiatives.

Background reading

Blog: Evaluating Transformative Change: Insights from the Indonesia Green Principle Awards Workshop

Tool: Identifying transformative outcomes in projects and policies

Paper: Transformative outcomes: assessing and reorienting experimentation with transformative innovation policy

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