Utrecht Summer School: Global Transformations

Past Event
5 July 2021 09:00 (GMT)
9 July 2021 17:00 (GMT)

The challenges the world is facing are complex and often global in nature. The UN has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals to address these issues, but this requires profound transformations. The summer school ‘Global Transformations’ provides insight into how we can actually make these transformations happen.

The energy transition, increasing inequality and fast spreading diseases; these issues represent but a fraction of the global challenges at large. However, all of them have severe impacts on the local scale. Therefore, we need to find solutions that draw on global perspectives and are rooted in a local context.

Giving substance to these broad concepts, this summer school teaches you to use experimentation and adaptive learning to contribute to transformative change in your everyday work. You will be able to critically address global challenges that touch upon human rights, conflict & security, sustainability and equity.

Each day starts with introductory theory on transformations. Throughout the week, leading researchers will sketch a critical view on transformations, including a historical view, transformation pathways, and a human rights perspective. After these introductions there is ample time to go into discussion with experts on transformations, exploring the issues that are most relevant to the students.

The afternoon is reserved for interactive workshops in which you can apply your knowledge to your own project. You will develop a critical view on transformations and learn how you can achieve it through your own work. The workshops will enable you to strengthen your analytical skills and obtain a profound understanding of global transformations.

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