IST Conference 2024: TIPC Special Session

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19 June 2024 15h15 (GMT)
19 June 2024 16h15 (GMT)
University of Oslo / Online
Special session: Transformative Innovation Policy research network in dialogue with STRN – Agenda and opportunities
Over the past half a decade, there is an emerging community of scholars who are working on Transformative Innovation policy (TIP) – a new frame of innovation policy (Schot and Steinmueller, 2023; Penna et al., 2023). Transformative Innovation Policy theory is largely based on sustainability transitions frameworks, operationalising concepts such as niches and regimes. Yet TIP has unique perspectives on policy design and implementation process, evaluation, learning and transdisciplinary knowledge co-creation.
The TIP Consortium (TIPC), that completed its first phase earlier this year and just began with its second phase, is now constituted by a rapidly growing ‘community of practise’ who are supporters and facilitators of transformative change in diverse contexts such as in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. In parallel, there is a growing number of researchers who belong to the TIP research network (TIPRN) as part of the TIP knowledge community. There are multiple researchers who now belong to both STRN and the TIPRN, who contributed to inter-network dialogues between the two networks since 2018, that led to the publication of a Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) Research Agenda (September 2020). Many researchers have participated in conferences, workshops, seminars and other knowledge exchange opportunities organised by both networks, yet there hasn’t been an effort to bring the networks together. It is now time to bring the two related yet separate networks of STRN and TIPRN in a dialogue with each other.
The objective of the special session, organised by two researchers who are part of both STRN and TIPRN, is to bring the two knowledge communities in a shared space to discuss the synergies and differences (hence complementarities) between the two communities – both in epistemological and ontological domains.
With this backdrop and objective in mind, we propose an interactive panel session as part of the IST2024 Conference. The aim of the session is to bring transition scholars and policy practitioners together to reflect on TIP as a sustainability transitions-based theory as well as TIP as a transdisciplinary knowledge practise. Scholars from the TIP Consortium and STRN will present and analyse conceptual and practical synergies and complementarities between TIP and sustainability transitions.
We will then invite IST participants to share as many insights as possible on where TIPRN can inform and strengthen STRN’s research agenda and vice versa. The discussion will enable participants of the session can set the agenda for future dialogues and closer research collaborations between STRN and TIPRN.
Ordre du jour:
  1. Rationale for the session – Bipashyee Ghosh (5mins)
  2. TIP in dialogue with STRN: conceptual synergies – Johan Schot (10mins)
  3. TIP in practise in African context: Lessons for transitions scholars – Chux Daniels (TBC) – (10mins)
  4. STRN in dialogue with TIP – Lessons for TIP scholars – Katharina Schiller (10mins)
  5. Reflections and additional inputs from the participants (15mins)
  6. The future of STRN-TIPRN collaborations – research agenda and opportunities (10mins)