Jouer votre chemin vers un changement de système transformateur : une approche de gamification des systèmes socio-techniques

Évènement passé
8 juin 2021 14h00 (GMT)
8 juin 2021 16h00 (GMT)

This event is part of TIPC’s Open Learning Series. It is an interactive workshop and places are limited.  If you cannot attend after booking, please cancel to allow another participant to take up the place.

One of the key starting points in developing a Transformative Innovation Policy approach is to map and understand the socio-technical system(s) that relate to a given problem or issue. This helps us to understand interrelations between different components of the system – from actors, to rules and infrastructures – which give rise to change.

This open session is an opportunity for STI funders, researchers and policy practitioners to try out and review a novel game developed by TIPC’s Mobile Transformative Innovation Lab, which translates the concepts of socio-technical systems change into an interactive experience, triggering reflections that will deepen your understanding of socio-technical systems change and experimentation for Transformative Innovation.

Playing the game in groups will help you to appreciate the complexity of a system and develop a course of action for changing a system towards solving a particular challenge. The game will assign roles to innovation stakeholders and offer resources (money, skills, special powers) to the roles. In order to win, you will need to collaborate on certain actions with other players.

The experience is designed to help improve our shared understanding of sociotechnical systems, apply the concept in designing actions for transformation, and support transdisciplinary network building for science-policy action.