TIP Resource Lab (Tools, Actions, Learnings) – Workshop 1

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22 juin 2022 14h00 (GMT)
22 juin 2022 17h00 (GMT)

Une introduction à la composante 1 du laboratoire de ressources TIP, y compris la cartographie des systèmes et le développement d'une théorie du changement transformatrice

À propos de cet événement

Join a special preview of the TIP Resource Lab, and opportunity to learn with other TIP practitioners using the new tools.

The new Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) Resource Lab will offer five components, full of practical tools and resources for implementing TIP methods and sharing learnings from projects and experiments across Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

TIPC will launch the lab through four interactive Série d'apprentissage ouvert workshops between June and December 2022. We welcome diverse perspectives from people engaged in transformative innovation research or practice around the world for shared learning and enquiry.

Component 1: Systems mapping and developing a transformative Theory of Change

In this first workshop, we will introduce Component 1 of the Lab, which brings together case studies, Miro tools, videos, graphics and theory on:

  • Mapping of socio-technical systems
  • TIP thinking on how change happens within a system
  • Anticipatory methods
  • The development of a Transformative Theory of Change

Dans Part I: Introduction (first hour), we will start with a group exercise to get to know each other. The Resource Lab team will then provide an overview of Component 1, introducing the different sections and the tools, resources and theoretical foundations within them. This will be followed by a short Q&A session.

Dans Part II: Practice (next two hours), we will work in small groups to try out some of the new interactive tools. For example, Component 1 practice may include a choice of two or more tools to:

  • Analyse a socio-technical system using a pentagonal map
  • Mobilise the x-curve framework for sociotechnical transitions
  • Unpack the multi-level dynamics of change within a system
  • Use Futures Literacy to consider the trajectory of change within a system
  • Develop a Transformative Theory of Change

If you are joining the TIP Resource Lab network of coaches, you will be invited to stay on after the workshop for a short reflective discussion.

We look forward to seeing you for a lively and participatory workshop.

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