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Transformative Innovation Policy has become the national strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation in Colombia – a global first. TIP is transforming regional innovation policy to meet the specific needs of local communities to create a more equal society which nurtures biodiversity and addresses the climate emergency.

Following the 2016 peace treaty, Colombian Administrative Department of Science, Technology & Innovation (Minciencias), after working with TIPC and SPRU, adopted a new national strategy for meeting social and environmental challenges. STI policy in Colombia has a history of over 50 years, with a national system of innovation implemented in the country in 1995. In 2018, at a national level the Libro Verde (Green Book) was launched. This sets out the strategy for TIP that has now been adopted into law. The current post-conflict era opened up the opportunity to address the country’s challenges with this new TIP approach.

Through a mentoring project in seven different regions, TIPC is working with Minciencias to explore seven contextualised cases of transformative potential and change. By opening up participation to social actors such as social movements, businesses, charities, and local co-operatives, policy is learning from bottom-up initiatives in order to facilitate and support transformative regional and national change.

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