New publication: Formative evaluation in regional transformative innovation policies (Shared Agendas)


In this new (Spanish) article by Boni et al. (2023), the formative evaluation approach, a cornerstone element of the TIPC methodology, is being applied as part of the Shared Agendas experiment in Bages (Catalonia). The article elaborates on the process followed, some of the results achieved, and reflects on the implications of applying formative evaluation processes in the framework of socio-technical transitions towards social and environmental sustainability. 

Findings from the publication are based on a longer term collaboration (July 2021 to December 2022) between Alejandra Boni and a research team from TIPC’s coordinating partner Ingenio (CSIC-UPV) as well as actors from the Shared Agendas project in Bages. The aim of the collaboration was to co-create a transformative Theory of Change and a monitoring, evaluation and learning plan. 

Shared Agendas describe collective action organised around common social and environmental challenges. The Shared Agendas experiment in Bages aims to tackle the two-fold challenge of the increasing proportion of elderly people and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic within the regions health sector.  

The collaboration and resulting paper contribute to RIS3CAT, the Smart Specialisation Policy project by the Catalan Government aimed at enabling Catalonia to successfully tackle the great social and economic challenges of the 21st century. The Shared Agendas in Bages project is a pilot for the conceptual and methodological development of Shared Agendas in the region of Catalonia.

To access the full publication in Spanish, click here.