Présentez votre transformation : de nouvelles méthodes d'évaluation pour tirer des enseignements de la science, de la technologie et des artefacts d'innovation concernant les ODD

Évènement passé
20 janvier 2022 17h30 (GMT)
20 janvier 2022 18h30 (GMT)

Cette session de "Pitch Your Transformation" comprend :

  • Le Noeud CIV-VAL
  • Modèles de gouvernance collaborative pour la gestion de district - Création d'écosystèmes d'innovation locaux
  • De nouvelles méthodes d'évaluation pour tirer un aperçu de la technologie scientifique et des artefacts d'innovation concernant les ODD

Chaque projet est présenté pendant 10 minutes suivi de 30 minutes de questions-réponses.


De nouvelles méthodes d'évaluation pour tirer un aperçu de la technologie scientifique et des artefacts d'innovation concernant les ODD

Our activities align with the following themes of the TIP conference:

– Evaluation for TIPs

– Knowledge infrastructure for transformation

Our team is interested in exploring and exploiting novel and unconventional data to comprehend complex systemic Social, Technological and Economical challenges (innovation studies). The team works to test and validate new constructs and variables that have the potential to answer nascent questions in Science, Technology and Innovation studies.

Our efforts have been focused on novel ways to capture and evaluate innovation processes. While our team works with various problems from economics, corporate strategy, and sustainability, we share a common thread in combining data to understand the complexity of the issues we want to better understand. We share an interest in technological change, advancement and exploring the multidisciplinary nature of technologies. We try to understand what drives innovation and technological progress and what are the true outcomes of innovation. This work often centres on productivity, implications of technology to society, technological emergence and sustainable development transitions.

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Conceptualisation de l'innovation pour un changement transformateur


Arash Hajikhani
Dr Arash Hajikhani (D.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Mgmt.) is a Senior Scientist in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation studies. He has practical knowledge and eight years of working experience in utilizing data analytics methods such as text analytics and machine learning to transform big data into valuable insight that benefit the decision-making processes. His previous research adopted a systematic methodological framework to transform social media data into analysis units that enable innovation-oriented activities evaluation and benchmarking in various levels (firms, economies, societies). His recent work has been on mapping innovation has been published in Journal of Business Research, Journal of Cleaner Production and International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management.
Arho Suominen
Dr. Arho Suominen, Ph.D., is Principal Scientist and Research Team Leader at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Industrial professor at Tampere University (Finland). Dr. Suominen’s research focuses on qualitative and quantitative assessment of technological innovation systems with a special focus on quantitative methods. His prior research has been funded by the European Commission via H2020, Academy of Finland, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology, Turku University Foundation and the Fulbright Center Finland. Through the Fulbright program, he worked as Visiting Scholar at the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His work on technological change and innovation systems has been published in top tier journals such as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Science and Public Policy and Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. Dr. Suominen has a Doctor of Science (Tech.) degree from the University of Turku and holds an Officers basic degree from the National Defence University of Finland.
Matti Pihlajamaa
Matti Pihlajamaa est scientifique principal au Centre de recherche technique VTT de Finlande. Il est titulaire d'un D.Sc. (Tech.) en gestion de l'innovation de l'Université Aalto, Finlande et une M.Soc.Sc. en économie de l'Université d'Helsinki, Finlande. Il a dix ans d'expérience dans la recherche sur les politiques d'innovation et la gestion de l'innovation. Dernièrement, ses recherches se sont concentrées sur l'innovation durable, les marchés publics d'innovation et les politiques d'innovation transformatrices et axées sur la mission.