Mercredi - Panel d'investissement transformateur

Évènement passé
19 janvier 2022 14h00 (GMT)
19 janvier 2022 15h00 (GMT)

Slides for project #33

Transformative investment is about using private investment to enable socio-technical system change. Investors are not just interested in generating a return on investment against a reasonable risk and developing positive social and/or ecological impact; they also seek to ensure that their investors in companies and/or projects deliver on a Second Deep Transition.

In this session, three projects are pitched to three private investors who will evaluate them from their transformative potential. The three projects are selected from the initiatives presented at the conference. The three private investors come from the Deep Transition Global Investors Panel
The session will run as follows:
  1. Presentation of DT Panel Project, the idea of transformative investment and aim of this session (by Johan Schot).
  2. Introduction of Panel of three investors (each of them will say a few things about how they invest, what is important to them (10 minutes)
  3. Three pitches of 5 minutes each, followed by 5 minutes of questions by panellists (30 minutes).
  4. Final evaluation of panellists and they argue whether the project would be fundable or not and why (remember this is a thought experience, they do not promise to invest)