Cristian Matti


Cristian Matti is Policy Analyst at the European Commission – Joint Research Centre and the EU Policy Lab: Foresight, Design and Behavioural Insights. He is also Lecturer on participatory methods and co-creation for policy at the PhD Progamme on Economics of Innovation coordinated by the Research Center for transformation (CENIT, Argentina). He is an expert in sustainability and innovation policy, focusing on enabling interfaces between science, policy and practise. Cristian has more than 20 years of professional experience in more than 18 countries in Europe and South America. He has contributed to research and innovation projects on systemic innovation policy, sustainability transitions and capacity development processes across cultures and sectors. He specialises in designing and implementing experiments and co-creation for policy processes in a multi-stakeholder environment.
Rôle dans TIPC : Research collaborator on transformative change and intermediation
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Profil universitaire : https://www.uu.nl/staff/CPMatti