Mireille Mat


Mireille Matt is Director of Research at INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) since 2011 and conducts her research at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory Science Innovation Society (LISIS – East Paris region) since November 2018. She holds a PhD in economics from the University of Strasbourg (France), where she started her academic career. Her research interests focus on three themes: - Innovation and innovation policy studies: rationale, design and evaluation of socio-economic impacts of large collaborative R&D public programs and regional innovation policies; economic analysis of public procurement for innovation; development of evaluation methods (BETA method and ASIRPA); evaluation of societal impacts generated by a public research organization; analysis of typical impact pathways in the agricultural sector - Strategic R&D partnerships: strategic importance of publicly subsidized R&D collaboration (FP programs, Technological Research Institutes, Research Consortium of Plant Genomics) and self-funded partnerships, - Transfer of academic research results towards industry: longitudinal analysis of the case of the University of Strasbourg; analysis of provisions of U-I licensing agreements and bilateral research contracts. Her recent evaluation experience includes the ASIRPA (Assessment of Socio-economic Impact of Public Agricultural Research) project in which she participated to develop the method based on standardized case studies to evaluate the societal impacts of research conducted by INRA scientists. She has also conducted evaluation studies to assess the socio-economic impact of regional innovation instruments and to analyze the impacts in terms of collaborative strategies of large firms participating to one French Institute of Technological Research. She participated to several European projects: the evaluation of the impact on innovation of FP5 and FP6; the evaluation of the economic impact of Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure. Finally, she co-authored OECD reports on Agricultural Research Impact Assessment and on French innovation public policies.
Rôle dans TIPC : Conférence 2019