TIPC Founder speaks at Aalto University, Finland



On April 11, TIPC founder Johan Schot attended a two day seminar at Aalto University, Finland, organised by the Academy of Finland Project ‘Intermediaries in the energy transition: The invisible work of creating markets for sustainable energy solutions(TRIPOD)’. The TRIPOD seminar brought together leading international scholars to discuss the role of intermediation in transitions. In attendance was also TIPC team member Paula Kivimaa who gave a keynote address on the first day exploring intermediation in sustainability transitions. On the second day of the seminar, Schot gave a keynote speech on Transformative Innovation Policy and the need to make experimentation more transformative.

This follows on from Schot’s keynote address at the European Commission’s conference on “Sustainable Europe 2030” earlier this month, where Schot spoke about TIPC’s approach to addressing the Sustainable Development Goals.