Insights from The Latin American TIP HUB Conference 2022: “Building a Transformative Innovation Policy in Latin America: Learning, Experimentation and Formative Evaluation”

Thinking & Analysis

The conference took place in Medellin Colombia over four days. Two half days, 17th and 18th of May were devoted to internal HUB discussions, the 19th of May was for policy makers and the evening of the 19th and 20th was open to the public with a combination of plenary presentations and parallel sessions for academics and policymaker presentations.


The conference brought together more than 100 academics, policy practitioners, consultants, and some students from across Colombia, and HUB members from Mexico and Chile.

As one of the main aims of the conference was to cement a bridge with policymakers, on the 19th of May, policymakers attended presentations about TIP developments from 3 HUB experiments. During this session, the assistants also had the opportunity to take part of a workshop and pilot of some TIPLaB’s tools.

The conference sought to make visible initiatives/papers/research with transformative potential, there were presented 23 initiatives in five different topics as follows:

  • Rural development, local knowledge, and inclusive agriculture (rural development, local knowledge, and inclusive agriculture): 6
  • Health service provision: 3
  • Education and labour: 4
  • Public Policy Making: 6
  • Circular Economy and Urban Development: 4

The conference ended with a rich networking session were all conference’ assistants, policy practitioners, consultants, researchers, and students shared learnings and ideas about transformation in different sociotechnical systems and the challenges ahead in experimenting in transformative innovation.

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