Open Learning Series

Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) funders, policy practitioners and researchers are increasingly working as agents of transition, facilitating change in an integrated way towards global goals such as the SDGs.

TIPC’s Open Learning Series provides spaces for those working on transformative policy approaches around the world to refresh their knowledge, connect and learn from one another, with the aim of shifting the narrative for STI policy towards a focus on transformation and the SDGs. Sessions will take place online using Zoom

What will we cover?

The content is reflexive, responding to calls from our member agencies and researchers to devote time and space to particular questions, concepts or policy issues.

All sessions will take place online using Zoom, and can be broadly categorised as:

  • Theoretical foundations, to introduce key TIP concepts and theory
  • Exploration, to reflect in a participatory way on TIP concepts, test tools and methods or contribute to cooperative enquiry and learning
  • Insights, to share fresh knowledge, insights or learnings related to TIP

In 2022, we will focus on exploration, as the series will be used to introduce the TIP Resource Lab – a collection of tools, actions and learnings from TIPC members, partners and regional hubs.

Who should attend?

Events are open to all, across geographical regions, as spaces for shared learning and networking. You do not need to be part of the TIPC membership network to attend, but places may be limited for some sessions. You will need to register online for most events.

The content may be of particular interest to:

  • Research and innovation funders
  • Those making, implementing and evaluating STI policies
  • Researchers and impact professionals, particularly in the fields of sustainability transitions, STI policy and development

We welcome participants from across geographical regions, and always value ideas for collaborative sessions – contact Victoria Shaw, Programme Director, to discuss (v.a.shaw@sussex.ac.uk).



The series will be updated as new events are confirmed. To stay informed, join our TIPC mailing list.


Component 1: System Mapping and Transformative Theory of Change


Component 2: Experimentation for Transformative Innovation Policy


Component 3: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning using Transformative Outcomes


Component 4: Ways of Working for TIP and Communities of Practice


Past Events

Building Bridges Across Government to Achieve Transformative Change


Innovation Portfolios: A Practical Approach for Transformative Innovation

Transformative Outcomes: Practical Tools to Empower and Scale System Change Initiatives

Theoretical Foundations/Exploration
More information

How Do Transitions Happen and How Can We Steer Them?

Theoretical Foundations

Imagining better futures for people and the planet / Imaginando mejores futuros para las personas y el planeta

Theoretical Foundations
In partnership with Ingenio CSIC-UPV Postgraduate Diploma on Innovation for Social and Environmental Transformation and Las Naves

Advancing Transformative Innovation Policy in Latin American: Implications for Public Policy workshop / Introducción a Innovación Transformativa e Implicaciones para la Política Publica en America Latina

Theoretical Foundations

A Formative Approach to the Evaluation of Transformative Innovation Policies

More information

From Moonshots to Transformations: A panel on the new generation of Transformative 'Mission-oriented' Innovation Policies / De los "Moonshots" a las Transformaciones: una mesa redonda sobre la nueva generación de Políticas de Innovación orientadas a Misiones Transformadoras

Playing your way into Transformative System Change: A Gamification Approach to Socio-Technical Systems

More information

Theories of Change for Transformative Innovation Policy

Theoretical foundations
More information