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Post-2008, Finland has been recovering structural strength in order to meet the grand challenges of unemployment and their high targets for carbon emission reductions. However, the “Finnish Paradox” of a lack of high-growth despite being a world leader in R&D investment, means a change in STI policy is a high priority for Finland. Business Finland (formerly TEKES) is a founding member of TIPC joining in the pilot year of the project to continue to the main 5 year programme to further experimentation and evaluation of the TIP approach.

A focus for TIP in Finland is to help to reduce carbon emissions by developing smart and sustainable mobility solutions for private transport. Using a transformative perspective, Business Finland are experimenting with new sustainability transition
tools. They are exploring how innovative concepts in the mobility industry could provide a new sustainable model for private transport.

The “Mobility-as-Service” package enables reliable travel from door to door without the need to own a car. This concept could have important implications for transformative change in road traffic, private travel, and carbon emissions. Learnings from Finland’s experiments could be applied to other member countries across the globe to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Countries covered: Finland

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1 September 2021 - 30 January 2021

TIPC Nordic Learning Event: Futures Literacy in TIP

TRANSFORMATIVE INNOVATION POLICY CONSORTIUM NORDIC MEMBERS   BUSINESS FINLAND     VINNOVA THE RESEARCH COUNCIL OF NORWAY       TIPC invites Nordic members and partners to join a space for learning and practice on the role of Futures Literacy in delivering...


The TIP Resource Lab will be launched in early 2023 as the ‘connective tissue’ between the projects, experiments and geographies of the Consortium. It will offer practical tools and resources for implementing TIP methods, and share learnings from the journey...
4 November 2019 - 5 November 2019

TIPC Conference 2019

Read our conference report.   The TIPC annual conference took place this year at Ingenio CSIC-UPV, Valencia, Spain on 4-5th November. The focus was on understanding how academic scholars and practitioners across the globe are interpreting and enacting Transformative Innovation...