Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems - VINNOVA

A TIP perspective in Sweden means exploring and developing Challenge-Driven Innovation initiatives to create a transformative impact on societal challenges.

Sweden is generally considered to be one of the top countries in terms of innovation performance. Using a TIP focus, Vinnova is leading on running societal Challenge-Driven R&D and innovation programmes to support changes to the systems involved in everyday provision – food and health in particular. To achieve continued resilient and have sustainable growth in a changing and challenging global environment, the Swedish innovation system has begun to adopt new strategies involving TIP thinking.

Since 2011, Vinnova has been encouraging Challenge-Driven Innovation Initiatives that see societal issues not only as a threat but as an opportunity for economic growth and social progress. Through encouraging demand, challenge and user-driven projects, Vinnova is exploring how these initiatives, with a TIP framework, could lead to transformative change to meet the objectives encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals. Sweden is an example of how meeting the SDGs is of equal focused importance to the Global North as they are for the Global South. TIPC creates the collaborative, cognitive space where countries from across the world can co-create, reflect, learn and develop differently.

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