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A focus on TIP in Norway is exploring how Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) could address major challenges in society.

Norway has a history of environmentalism and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The challenge to meet global carbon emission reduction targets is of great importance. Historically, Norway’s funding agencies have been fragmented across separate industries but the creation of the RCN has led to more collaboration and communication. Norway has been pioneering the implementation of new
transformative Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) practices that have the potential to make a difference in bringing about transformative change using a TIP focus.

The RCN are exploring how a new research framework could promote transformative change. RRI makes scientific progress synonymous with social progress by encouraging researchers to anticipate and address social and environmental issues, rather than merely exercising scientific curiosity. Through anticipation, reflection, and
inclusivity, researchers create experiments that are flexible and dynamic, and rooted in solving current problems to bring about transformative change.

Outputs from this Member

Developing and Enacting Transformative Innovation Policy: A Comparative Study

The contemporary world is confronted with a number of grand social and environmental challenges such as social inequality and climate change. Traditional innovation policies, focused on the provision of R&D funding, building innovation systems and promoting entrepreneurialism, are...