Alert! Call for Initatives TIP Conference 2022 Extended! Enter EOI ASAP


In a move away from academic conference tradition, the 2022 Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) Conference is asking for a wide range of participants from across many disciplines and fields to submit ideas for panels, demonstrations, initiatives, and projects that work towards transformations for sustainability and a just transition.

The conference takes place digitally 17-21 Jan 2022. The ‘Call for Initiatives’ is open now until 4 September 2021 and encourage Expressions of Interest (EoI) from a wide set of contributors across research, civil society, business and policy. This is a short extension so please get your EOI in as soon as possible.


The aim of the sessions is to be a symphony of approaches and collaborations to mix-up the conference dynamic and offer a chance to experiment with building knowledge infrastructures and exchanges across sectors and disciplines to activate transformational system change to solve our Earth crisis.

The TIP Conference 2022 is organised and funded by the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) and the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation (Eu-SPRI) with the participation of Globelics and Africalics members and with the involvement of Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN) members.

Johan Schot, Academic Director, Founder of TIPC and Professor of Global History and Sustainability Transitions at Utrecht University’s Centre for Global Challenges, and Co-chair of the TIP Conference Scientific Committee said:

“As academics we need to transform the way we do our work in order to address climate change and equality issues. The conference will experiment with formats and ideas and reflect on how we work, while also presenting and discussing Transformative Innovation Policy concepts, and practices, comparing across continents. Exciting and challenging times – join us!”

Academic Lead for the conference, Dr Diana Velasco of INGENIO, one of TIPC’s coordinating partners, said:

“Sustainability is not a feel-good trend or a one-off project. It’s up to us to develop a robust and inclusive transformation based on science and experimentation. The TIP Conference provides an open platform for networking, developing ‘sustain-abilities’, and increasing awareness through a cross-sectoral and multi-actor experience. We strongly encourage the participation of the business sector, development agencies, grassroots innovators and entrepreneurs, financial institutions, social movements, media, and young scholars. Come join us in to envision the transformation pathways!”

Matthias Weber, Head of Center for Innovation Systems and Policy at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), EU-Spri committee member and Co-chair of the TIP Conference Scientific Committee continues:

“Transformation means that we also need to transform ourselves, i.e. the way we do research on and support the emergence on new forms of innovation policy that make a difference in society and economy. This requires interaction and mutual learning with business, academia, finance, government and civil society. The TIP Conference is an opportunity to experiment with new ways of working and collaborating on matters of Transformative Innovation Policy and to explore the creation of novel types of knowledge infrastructures.”

From the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN), Dr Lea Funfschilling of Lund’s research centre CIRCLE, encouraged researchers also to submit papers and initiatives:

“Creating a community of practice for the governance of sustainability transitions is essential – the TIP Conference 2022 offers a space for new ideas and opportunities for network building between academia and practice.”

To express your interest and submit your proposal take a look at the full conference page and the full call publication.

View the 2019 TIP Conference webpage.

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