Call for Participation in the TIPC Conference 2019 Concluded


The call for participation in the TIPC conference has now closed.  Please read the call below for details. The programme for the conference will be released shortly. 

“Over the past year, there has been a continuous dialogue between members of four research networks – the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC), European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation (Eu-SPRI Forum), Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN) and Globelics, to explore the emerging ‘Transformative Innovation Policy’ theme. The dialogue is premised on the observation that, in their own ways, the different science, technology and innovation communities are grappling with attempts to mobilise innovation policy towards addressing persistent socio-economic-environmental challenges. The systemic nature of those challenges and the urgency with which they must be confronted defy traditional rationales for science, technology and innovation – motivated by primarily economic arguments around competitiveness and economic growth, or scientific endeavour. They also hint at questions that blur the boundaries between our communities. A series of engagements led to a two-day workshop hosted by the University of Utrecht and funded by EU-SPRI. This workshop resulted in an agreement to continue work to build a global research agenda and create a global network of scholars and practitioners working towards addressing the global challenges through theorising, designing and implementing transformative innovation policy.

Purpose of the TIPC conference 2019
The TIPC annual conference will be held this year at Ingenio CSIC-UPV, Valencia, Spain on 4-5th November. The focus will be on understanding how academic scholars and practitioners across the globe are interpreting and enacting transformative innovation policies through research and policy actions. The conference is aimed to offer a platform for advancing the building of a global research community on transformative innovation, to identify people and projects (established or early stage) working at the intersection of innovation, policy and transformative change in Global North as well as Global South contexts and to facilitate interactions between them.

Call for Projects
The Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) as conference organiser together with the EU-SPRI, STRN and Globelics networks as partners of the Internetwork Dialogue invite (transdisciplinary) research teams to introduce their projects and engage in the emerging debates and discussions on the emerging agenda of Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP). This is an open call to participate in ongoing discussions, if  your research project relates to any of the following themes:

  1. New ways of defining and conceptualising transformative change and its relationship with policy
  2. New approaches of framing science, technology and innovation (STI) policies for transformative change
  3. The role of experimentation with policies and niche innovations for transformative change
  4. Governance and politics of transformative innovation policy in connection with SDGs
  5. The role of specific actors in transformative change: Governments, businesses, scholars, civil society organisations
  6. Geographies of transformative innovation policy: Context specific characteristics, issues of space and scale
  7. Mechanisms and practicalities of TIP: Designs, tools, monitoring and evaluation of transformative innovation

Please send us a brief outline (max. 1000 words) of your funded project which you would like to discuss at the TIPC conference, indicating which of the above-mentioned theme(s) are most relevant. Instead of specific journal articles that you have published or working towards, we are more interested to know about your overarching project rationales, fieldwork results and policy co-creation work with practitioners. In your description, please explain how you conceptualise transformation in your project? Which innovation policies do you target? What empirical cases do you study in the project? What transformative results have you uncovered and analysed so far in the project?

In addition to describing your project, please briefly introduce us to your research team (just names, affiliations and links to web profiles are sufficient). We are particularly keen to hear about projects that involve a trans-disciplinary team of researchers and practitioners and are experimental in nature. We encourage you to send us your proposals as early as possible and no later than 1st September 2019. A small team will review them as they come in to ensure we provide a timely confirmation of your participation. The full conference programme will be developed in September 2019. Proposals should be sent to TIPC@Sussex.ac.uk with the title ‘Response to call for projects TIPC Conference 2019’. If you have any questions please contact Bipashyee Ghosh – b.ghosh@sussex.ac.uk

Please note there is no conference fee but participants are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel and accommodation. There is a very limited travel budget available for participants with limited or no institutional/project funding. Please send us an inquiry if you require this funding. The conference will offer a space for participants to present and get feedback, but more importantly participate in the emerging debates in this area, communicate and build connections with complementary projects across the globe. Our ambition is to facilitate the creation of a collective pool of knowledge on the broad topic, based on inputs from colleagues who are working on similar topics from different perspectives and geographies. There is also an opportunity for wider collaboration in an emerging community as a follow-up activity and build a global transdisciplinary research network around TIP. We look forward to your participation in the TIPC conference 2019 and beyond.

Thank you.
On behalf of TIPC, EU-SPRI, STRN and Globelics networks”