Countdown to 2019 Conference: Keynote Speaker Announced


With a month to go until the third annual TIP Conference and Engagement Week 2019, TIPC are delighted to announce that taking centre stage for the keynote is the CEO of TIPC partner, Climate-KIC, Dr Kirsten Dunlop. The opening talk, which is followed by questions and discussion, focuses on the Climate-KIC strategy for ‘A Transformation in Time’ – the mission to catalyse systemic change through innovation, experimentation and collaboration, all with a focus on systems change to address the climate emergency. TIPC is running a programme of experimentation and evaluation for developing Transformative Innovation Policy with Climate-KIC that concentrates on meeting this challenge. The debate around the need for systems change for climate action has, finally in 2019, fully entered the political mainstream and public discourse.

The TIP conference and engagement week takes place from 4-7 November at Ingenio in Valencia involving policymakers, transition researchers and practitioners from across the globe, all working on transformative innovation. The event brings together representations from four research communities – STRN, Eu-SPRI, Globelics and TIPC, to continue strengthening the global research agenda on transformative innovation and its policy implications. Organised by TIPC, this year’s event is also co-funded by Eu-SPRI.

For 2019, TIPC have looked to provide a new conference approach, with no paper presentations, but an exhibition of research projects and in-depth discussions on several emerging themes of systemic transformation, experimentation, formative evaluation and the practicalities of implementing transformative innovation in several participatory, interactive sessions. With participants representing over 60 different research projects from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America, the conference is envisaged as a unique space for mutual learning and co-creation of knowledge in a truly international setting.

The facilitated, interactive sessions are expected to produce multiple research blogs, which alongside posters for each research project, will be exhibited digitally allowing the wider community of scholars and practitioners to participate virtually in the TIP Conference.


Speaker Biography: Dr. Kirsten Dunlop, Chief Executive Officer, EIT Climate-KIC

Kirsten’s career spans academia, consulting, banking, insurance, strategy, design, innovation and leadership, across three continents. She joined Climate-KIC in February 2017 from an Australian financial services conglomerate, Suncorp.

She is committed to shaping and placing innovation to catalyse profound systemic change. Her vision for Climate-KIC is to co-create a multi-sided marketplace for transformation and the generation of innovation options to achieve a zero-carbon economy and a climate resilient society.

In her role at Suncorp, Kirsten founded and led a bespoke division focused on managing and responding to strategic risk through innovation, transforming core business and industry models from within.

Prior to roles in Second Road, KPMG and Suncorp in Australia, Kirsten led the Generali Group Innovation Academy for Assicurazioni Generali in Italy, pioneering proprietary thinking in the areas of Strategic Risk management, strategic innovation, strategic leadership development and cultural change.

Kirsten holds a Ph.D. in cultural history.