New Publication: Reparative Futures and Transformative Learning Spaces


New publication of a co-edited book from TIPC’s Alejandra Boni, Diana Velasco and South African Research Chair, Melanie Walker, on the power of transformative learning spaces to enhance reparative futures. This book brings together differing perspectives from the Global South and North, includes analysis of participatory processes and examines both formal and informal learning spaces. 

This edited book draws on an international cohort of authors, all working towards sustainable, decolonizing human development for more just futures in a variety of learning spaces. Integrating sustainable human development with ‘reparative futures’, the chapters present diverse examples of how transformative learning spaces can be created through different participatory methodologies and with different stakeholders. 

The book may be of interest to researchers, graduate students, practitioners and policymakers in the areas of higher education, development studies and transformative innovation.

Additional chapters delve into the following topics:

Also contributions from Carmen Martínez-Vargas, Mikateko Mathebula, Stephen Esquith, Marta Maicas Pérez, Monique Leivas and other colleagues are featured in this book.  

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Alejandra Boni, Melanie Walker and Diana Velasco, the book’s three editors, at the Sarchi Chair in Higher Education and Human Development, Center for Development Support, University of the Free State in Bloemfontein (South Africa).


Diana Velasco and Alejandra Boni presenting the book’s main ideas to the researcher of the Sarchi Chair.