New TIP Resource Lab Shares Preview of Experimentation Tools


The developing Transformative Innovation Policy Resource Lab (TIP RL) previewed  – with the TIP network of researchers, practitioners, policymakers and coaches – the new tools and action-based initiatives for activating TIP within both a Global South and North context. The new component, Experimentation for Transformative Innovation Policy, is number 2 in the sequence of 5 being released this year. The full TIP RL will be unveiled in January 2023.

Delegates from across the world gathered in the digital space to sample and test two of the curated TIP tools on offer from across the component’s three sections. This new Component 2 focuses on how to experiment with TIP to create, shield and protect niches so that learnings and actions can embed to encourage transformative change towards a sustainable and just transition. The sections, based on six years of activity across the Consortium which has sought to expand research, policy experimentation and learnings around transformations and transitions, covered:

Attendees had the opportunity to work on the ‘third frame or third generation of innovation’, as TIP is often termed, to overlay some TIP tools – a ‘radar’ and a ‘brainstorming’ tool – across current or emerging activities to understand the transformative potential.

Bipashyee Ghosh, Research Fellow on the project said:

“In this session, we offered a tool to help participants articulate their initiatives as experiments following TIP theory. We called it “structured brainstorming tool”.  What was interesting is that in all six groups, participants noted issues in the current system that experimentation in projects or policies might be able to solve. They also suggested new, diverse initiatives that they are working on, which could potentially become very interesting experimental spaces to work in future. The conversations in the event was helpful for us to understand what practitioners are looking for and how they think, when it comes to adopting an experimental mindset in approaching real world policy problems.”

Victoria Shaw, Programme Director for TIPC said:

Participants brought in their own experiences and transformative initiatives to use as case studies for the tools.  These included projects and programmes on circular economy, regional innovation partnerships, nature based solutions, local energy production and more. It was interesting to see groups finding common ground across such diverse initiatives.”

The delegation included many associated organisations from national innovation agencies; international policymakers such as the OECD; global research institutes; and actors from the wider TIP Latin America, Africa and Nordic Hubs. These tools and learnings are drawn from the experimental work conducted by the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) member countries including Colombia, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, China, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal. The TIP RL brings substance, cohesion and learning pathways to the materials and findings of TIPC over its history.

The previous Component 1 – Systems mapping and transformative theory of change – was previewed in June.

The further component ‘beta’ release dates are in October and December. Please register for the chance to preview the tools, actions and learnings across ‘Monitoring, evaluation and learning using Transformative Outcomes’ and ‘Capabilities, comparative contexts and communities of practice’.