NEWS IN BRIEF: Transformative Innovation Policy debate at European Mission Forum


TIPC founder and Academic Director, Johan Schot spoke at the first European Mission Forum EMiF themed “Making Missions Work”. In a parallel session, panellists and close to 100 participants gathered to discuss the purpose and perspectives of European missions across policy areas and levels. In his presentation, Schot emphasised that even though many governments are active in setting up missions, the question remains whether this leads to driving transformative change and mission implementation.

The event gave the opportunity to learn about other EU-Mission actors from outside their usual networks with the agenda focusing on the EU Missions transformative policy approach. The European Mission Forum provides a platform for information and interactive exchange to help all stakeholders at European, national and regional level to support the successful implementation of the EU Missions.

According to Schot, the role of finance is a particularly important one in this process:

‘There is a lot of capital available but it is deployed in traditional ways. This is not sufficient. We have to change how we invest and focus on financing system change and transformation instead of business as usual.’ Proposing a way forward, Schot referred to his recently published Transformative Investment Philosophy which contains 12 principles for financing transformative missions.

For the green and just transition. private and public finance need to foster collaboration to create a transformative pathway to sustainability.