Nordic Hub explores the role of Futures Literacy in Transformative Innovation Policy


The Nordic members of TIPC – Vinnova, Business Finland and The Research Council of Norway (RCN) – kicked off a new regional learning series on Futures Literacy in Transformative Innovation Policy with an introductory workshop, developed in collaboration with Lisa Scordato and Per Koch of the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education.

Around 70 participants joined the opening event from agencies, research institutes and incubators across the region.

The half-day programme was opened by Vidar Skagestad, Director for the Department for Bioeconomy, which is home to the RCN’s two pilot-centres for ‘excellent transformation’: Digital Life Norway (DLN) and The Centre for Responsible Research and Innovation in Norway (AFINO).

A series of café conversations explored how we can use the future in innovation policy learning, the notion of caring for our future in turbulent times and the role of Futures Literacy in leadership and transformative change. Per Koch and Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, Special Adviser at The RCN, joined guests Riel Miller, Head of Futures Literacy at UNESCO; Ulrike Felt, Professor of Science and Technology Studies; Rune Todnem By, UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation; and business executive and author, Anita Krohn Traaseth.

The next part of the series is a Futures Literacy Laboratory, in which participants will learn to challenge how they construct images of the future and begin to invent new frames.

Victoria Shaw from TIPC said, ‘The team will consider how to integrate learnings from the series into TIPC’s resource pack and 2022 conference. The thinking will also enrich TIPC’s sister programme, Deep Transitions, which explores a set of radical future scenarios or alternative worlds.’

More information: Futures Literacy Norway

Photo of cafe conversation in progress