TIP Thinking Taken to New Audiences


TIPC’s 2021 Open Learning Series aimed to strengthen networks of actors working on transformative policy approaches and further shifted the narrative for Science, Technology and Innovation policy towards a focus on transformation and the SDGs.

The Consortium received over 350 registrations for the launch events, with evaluation and impact professionals, funders, researchers and policy makers attending from 35 countries.

Initial sessions explored theories of change for Transformative Innovation Policy, formative evaluation and transformative ‘mission-orientated’ innovation policies. TIPC was joined by Business Finland, the OECD and the Fraunhofer Institute of Systems Innovation Research.

Researchers also made use of the space to test a new game designed to deepen our understanding of socio-technical system change.

‘Transformative policy approaches demand new visions, networks and participatory practices,’ said Victoria Shaw, TIPC programme director.

‘Through this step, we hope to learn from other actors working on challenge-led policy programmes beyond the immediate TIPC network.’

The Open Learning Series will continue in the autumn, and collaborative proposals are welcomed.

Image caption: Dr Heli Karjalainen, Senior Director at Business Finland, highlights the key role of the business sector in building roadmaps, tools and partnership for societal missions, at the Open Learning Series.