TIPC Founder to speak at European Commission High-Level Conference on Sustainable Europe


On the 8th April, Founder and Academic Director of TIPC, Professor Johan Schot will speak at the European Commission High-Level Conference on ‘Sustainable Europe 2030. From Goals to Delivery‘ in Brussels. Schot will deliver a keynote address on ‘The Systemic Transformation: A Shift towards Integrated and Systemic Frameworks’ and will also convene the panel on food systems.

The conference follows a reflection paper published by the European Commission on Sustainable Europe 2030. The one day event will explore where Europe currently stands in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), what the best practices and ways forward could be, and what are the areas where action is urgently needed. Schot will speak alongside other seminal thinkers such as Professor Jeffrey Sachs from Colombia University and Professor Mariana Mazzucato from University College London, as well as representatives from the World Bank, European Commission, and UN. Alongside the conference, each speaker will publish a short think piece on their topic and Schot’s can be found here.

Drawing on the work of the Consortium, Schot will argue that meeting the SDGs requires adopting an integrated and systems approach.  Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) can shed new light on how this might be achieved, by focusing on the process of systems-transformation rather than individual targets or goals.

Johan Schot said, “Innovation Policy for Europe is at a crossroads. We need to make choices on how to make research and innovation policy a key enabler for a sustainable future. In my talk, I will propose we focus on transformations of our systems for provision of energy, mobility, and healthcare and offer suggestions on how to do this. I am really looking forward to the talk and the conference.”

Registration for the conference is open until April 1st.