TIPC Latin American Hub launch 2022 Conference – Building a Transformative Innovation Policy in Latin America: Learning, Experimentation and Formative Evaluation


Two years after the meeting that gave life to the Latin American Hub of Transformative Innovation Policy (HUBLAyCTIP), it is time to meet in person to learn about the progress in building Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) in Latin America.

HUBLAyCTIP has designed a work agenda for Building a Transformative Innovation Policy in Latin America: Learning, Experimentation and Formative Evaluation, a Spanish-language event in Medellín, from the 17th to the 20th of May 2022. The main objective is to convene a dialogue between the diverse actors working around TIP in order to reflect on the lessons learned in the use and implementation of this policy framework. This dialogue has two main focuses, experimentation, and formative evaluation as the axes of a new public innovation policy.

One of the greatest challenges of the TIP in the Latin American context is to facilitate spaces for experimentation, which usually face conditions of informality, instability, and resource restrictions. Making these initiatives visible, recognizing their dynamics, and discuss their evaluation process in deriving inputs for public policy are the purposes of this agenda.

This ambitious agenda is organized in 3 moments:

Moment 1. The members of the HUB will meet from May 17 to 18, sharing the findings and experiences in the execution of their experiments, discussing how to consolidate transformative innovation and research associated with transformative innovation, as well as working together with public policy.

Moment 2.  A second moment of work (19th of May morning and afternoon session) convenes policymakers to share the results of the formative evaluation process of ongoing experiments at the HUB and to reflect on the implications for public policy. These sessions will be open for HUB members and Policy makers only.

Moment 3.  On the evening of May 19th, the HUB Conference opens with the plenary Towards sustainable development: A reflection on policy alternatives, implementation and evaluation challenges where institutions working around innovation and sustainable development discuss policy approaches, implementation, and evaluation challenges. The following day, May 20th, will be the space to disseminate knowledge and present initiatives carried out by practitioners, policy entities and researchers, non-profit organizations, NGOs, among others.

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