We want to hear your voice! Submit your audio until 12 November 2021


Transitions towards sustainability require the active involvement of citizens in different roles such as producers, legitimators, intermediaries and consumers.

What are you doing to contribute to a more sustainable city?

This year, as part of the work, to disseminate Motion learnings to a broader audience, we want to listen to what citizens in European cities are doing towards more sustainable living. Audios will be compiled and integrated as part of our website to showcase the variety of activities and perspectives that can be involved. They will be received until November 12 and processed for the Citizen Engagement Towards Sustainable Cities Event.

Personal information provided through the audios will be protected, used for research purposes only and will not be disclosed. Audios are to be edited to compile a final piece to illustrate how citizens are involved and interested in a variety of activities.

This call is organized by the Motion team. Motion is a collaboration between TIPC and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Knowledge and Innovation Community (EIT Climate-KIC).