Collaborative multi-stakeholder arena as a mechanism enabling adaptive implementation of policy mixes on circular economy



The project provides evidence on the application of a systemic policy model through a portfolio of actions to support the transition to the circular economy. For doing so, we analyse the implementation of a portfolio of actions delivered within the EIT Climate-KIC ecosystem.

Emphasis is put in fostering reflections and draw lesson learnt over the entire process of design and implementation of actions by enabling critical reflection through interfaces between science, policy and practice. For doing so, the focus is put in the exchange and dynamic conversations coming from a cross-functional team integrated by challenge owners (i.e. policymakers) and practitioners, Innovation and knowledge managers, academics as well as business and experts. This applied research project focuses on knowledge services as one of the possible approaches for the practical implementation of these initiatives. The project team has designed this approach by concentrating on learning together with practitioners about what creates enabling conditions to change under the specific context of processes driven by the EU policy framework.

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