Rationality of innovation policies in Costa Rica, towards the incorporation of elements for transformative innovation



The project is oriented by the following research questions: what kind of policies and instruments to promote innovation are being promoted in Costa Rica? What is the rationale that has guided the design and application of these policies?  Are there policies guided to promote sustainable development goals that incorporate the social and environmental dimensions? Are there elements of transformative innovation in the design and application of these policies? Who are the public and private actors that have been promoting these policies and instruments? What are the impacts on the target populations? Is there a willingness of the relevant actors to incorporate changes in the rationality of the policies in order to incorporate experimental elements?

The research is based in several methods. A literature review on methodologies for the analysis of the rationality of innovation policies and for the evaluation of the impacts of these policies. The review of secondary sources and scientific documents. We use multiple criteria analysis for the assessment of impacts of the innovations policies. The second component aims to learn from local experience about policies and instruments. We use existing databases. Case studies on selected policies and instruments are considered of great value. In-depth interviews will be developed and workshops will be organized with some experts in the field. The last phase refers to a stage of reflection and analysis and systematization.

With the project we hope to contribute to generate evidence of the impacts of innovation policy in practice, with the analysis of the rationality behind the policies and the possible orientation towards transformative innovation policies.

The project period is from January 2020 to December 2022.

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