Systems innovation competency framework – a backbone to develop and recognise capacity for transformative change



Recent strategic reflections on Systems Innovation and Transformative Innovation emphasize that technical approaches to change are insufficient for achieving radical and disruptive innovations, required to respond to the complex dynamics and uncertain challenges existing nowadays. Beyond technical solutions, changes in mindsets, transformational and catalytic leadership, and engagement of stakeholders and actors in transformational processes are clearly needed. Human capital is irreplaceable in our organizations, communities, institutions and social networks to competently catalyzes, innovative initiatives and strategies to generate, strengthen and scale up societal transformation towards more sustainable life. In order to develop such transferable
capacities across many occupations, standards of competencies need to be defined to systematically design education and training offers and to be able to recognize talent and proficiency. EIT Climate-KIC with Provadis and University of Valencia has developed over the past four years competency frameworks and assessment methodologies that link to these needs.

Project Resources

Systems Innovation Competency Framework

Market Study: Coverage of CP framework competencies in job ad analysis and candidates’ dossiers

Article: Determinants of behavioral intentions towards a professional certification

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