The Policy and Practice of China’s Open Scientific Data



In the context of digital transformation, open scientific data has become a basic infrastructure for scientific research and innovation development. Especially for the achieving of SDGs, it becomes increasingly crucial to efficiently disseminate and communicate the scientific output. This requirement of further flow and open access to the scientific data across geography and disciplines constraints could be enormously benefited from IT advances. It is essential to maximize the flow of data on a global scale as needed and to be widely used by different social groups while guaranteeing privacy and national security. To achieve this fair access and efficient interaction among various innovation entities, the build-up of appropriate data sharing platform becomes vital to eliminate the “information island” and “data gap” and to further stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole society. This research project aims to explore the relevant policy and practices to contribute to this aim.

The project to be discussed at the TIPC conference is relevant to the fourth theme – Governance and politics of transformative innovation policy in connection with SDGs.

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