Developing a Shared Understanding of Transformative Innovation Policy


This research brief distils and consolidates the learning from the pilot year of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC). Activities in this period included country reviews, case studies in each of the five member countries, and two synthesis workshops. Together, these activities provided insight into the diverse expressions of Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) already taking root in the Consortium member countries. By summing up and contrasting these experiences, the present document informs the development of a five-year research programme for the Consortium. It also serves for reflecting upon the ways of working and learning established by the Consortium. The pilot year demonstrates that elements of TIP are salient across different contexts, with emerging narratives about the role of STI policy in the steering processes of transformative change and instances of policy makers seeking new rationales and instruments. It also points towards the need for conceptualization of policy experimentation and evaluation, to realign the conceptual language of TIPC with the actual practices of policy agencies. As such, this first, exploratory year confirms the need for clarifying and experimenting with the approaches that may give further substance to the frame of Transformative Innovation Policy.

Publication Year: 2017