Futures Literacy in Transformative Innovation Policy – Report of the Futures Literacy Laboratory 2021


This brief summarises the main reflections and images which emerged from a Futures Literacy Laboratory (FLL) on “Futures Literacy and Transformative Innovation Policy”, held online during 1-2 November 2021.

The aim for the Lab was to mobilise the collective intelligence of a diverse group of experts, researchers and practitioners with an interest in Transformative Innovation Policy and to explore their different stories about the future of innovation. In the Lab the participants made use of these stories to reflect on their preconceptions, social, economic, environmental and technological drivers, paying attention to innovation priorities in society in 2050.

The Lab was organised as Part II of the TIPC Nordic Learning event and with support of the UNESCO Futures Literacy Unit, the Research Council of Norway and the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU). The Lab brought together around 30 persons from across the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Publication Year: 2022