ICT in Higher Education in Africa, Senegal: Example of the Virtual University in Senegal


Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) is based on a third framework of innovation policy (Frame 3), focused on in-depth change – which considers that Framework 1 – R&D and Regulation; and Framework 2 – Systems of Innovation and entrepreneurship have so far proved ineffective in addressing some of the pressing social and environmental challenges. Transformative innovation policies (i.e. Frame 3) thus rely on the use of new Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to address the significant concerns of societies with a view to better address development challenges. Senegal’s participation in the exploratory platform for Africa on Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP-Africa), presents a case study on the use of ICTs in higher education, specifically the Virtual University of Senegal (UVS). It is hoped that the lessons learnt and experience from UVS, can inspire other African countries facing the same problems of massification in higher education.