Latin American and Caribbean Hub of Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium Report: 2020-2021


The Latin American and Caribbean Hub of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium began its work just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to grip humanity in every area of the world. The challenges this posed for the work of the members of the HUB was immense. Nevertheless, the pandemic also put in relief the need for new approaches to public policy based on principles of social and environmental sustainability. During 2020 therefore our members focussed on developing the methodology of experimentation and formative evaluation as the two principle bedrocks of transformative innovation policy. This methodology aims to consolidate this new framework and although the conditions of the global pandemic posed challenges to fieldwork, we have made the most of this first year to thoroughly discuss the methodology, design transformative experiments and foster learnings about these experiences. This report presents a synthesis of the activities carried out during our first year (2020-2021), after the application of the Transformative Innovation Policies (TIP) methodology in sustainable development experiments in Latin America. For more information about the HUBLAyCTIP please visit our website.