Learning Histories Vinnova – Balancing Theory and Practice


“Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain”

is a quotation attributed to Aristotle. Whether Aristotle said this or not, the quote conveys a message that we can all relate to. Learning processes take time and involve stretching our mind, body and soul.

The following learning histories are mostly based on the experiences of our core team, consisting of three staff members from Vinnova and three TIPC researchers. Together, the group embarked on a journey devoted to achieving transitions towards sustainability engaging in an experimental policy process. The process is integrated and participatory, based on co-creational principles and aimed at triggering deep learning by means of adding a reflexive layer to the definition and implementation of Vinnova’s missions. More information about the Experimental Policy Engagement (EPE) can be found here.

The learning histories that are part of the Vinnova-TIPC journey have been designed to share the reflections of the participants on the process of bringing theory into practise and practice into theory. In this sense, they are devises to record tacit but essential aspects that allow radical transformation in systems. After all, it is people and teams who make changes possible.

The main milestones reached throughout this journey are captured in separate short learning histories (see overview of key insights below) and added to this site one by one as the project proceeds. All of these histories document the reflections, insights, lessons from the Vinnova-TIPC team and are designed to be means more than ends. They shall trigger thoughts and learning within and beyond the group. The histories are narrated in the team’s members own words and articulate those tacit but crucial aspects of experimental interactions.

Key insights