This handbook draft comprises the results and key learnings of the MOTION project. It contributes to accelerating a transition towards sustainability by providing a guide for the development of a Transformative Theory of Change, a methodology that helps projects, programmes and organisations to design, implement and evaluate interventions that contribute to systems transformation. The method combines a traditional Theory of Change approach with a multi-level perspective, a systems theory that describes how innovation emerges and transforms the incumbent system. It introduces Transformative Outcomes as levering points for transformation. The approach is designed to maximise learning among participants of an initiative.

The methodology presented in this handbook is based on a two-year co-development process, working hand in hand with three EIT Climate-KIC projects constructed around a portfolio of knowledge services for sustainable systems transformation in land use, urban planning and mobility. Furthermore, elements of the approach have been implemented in two additional EIT Climate-KIC RIS projects, Circular Economy Beacons and Transformation for Climate, during the second half of 2021.

The handbook is created by TIPC and the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges with support from EIT Climate-KIC, Ingenio-UPV and the Austrian Institute of Technology. Please note that this version of the handbook is undergoing further revision over the course of 2022. Hence, the contents presented might be subject to change.

Publication Year: 2021