POLICY BRIEFING: TIPC transformative learning history


This briefing is a snapshot of insights for policymakers and practitioners engaged in Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) action and experimentation. These are the main takeaways compiled from the 2023 learning history report.

The report’s aims are to:

• Give insights on the first stage of the TIPC co-creation journey between policymakers (PM), practitioners (PR) and researchers (R)

• Narrate the lived experience of TIPC based on the distinct storylines of actors

• Distil learnings from the TIP researcher and policymaker teams to highlight diverse perspectives from the Global North and South, specifically, Europe, Africa and Latin America

• Identify opportunities for ongoing expansion in understanding TIP capabilities and TIP practice around the methodology

• Inform future collaboration in the evolution and scaling of TIP across global policy programmes and the TIP Knowledge Community using the culmination of learnings as embodied