Projecting Opportunities for INdustrial Transitions (POINT)


This report provides guidelines with respect to concepts, rationales and methodological considerations aimed at experts conducting territorial reviews of industrial transition and at policy makers and analysts with an interest in the operationalisation of transformative industrial innovation. It explains the concepts necessary to adopt a wider framing of the production and consumption system, the rationales for (and objectives of) reviews useful for transformative industrial innovation, and the POINT (Projecting Opportunities for INdustrial Transitions) methodology presented as a series of steps. The report is meant as a resource to be consulted continuously throughout the review process.

Pontikakis, Dimitrios
Fernandez, Tatiana
Janssen, Matthijs
Guy, Ken
Marques Santos, Anabela
Boden, Mark
Moncada-PaternĂ²-Castello, Pietro