Transformative Outcomes in the Global South Workshop Report


The Global South Workshop was conducted on the 25-26th of June, 2020, with the purpose of discussing opportunities and challenges for the implementation of the TIPC framework and methodologies in a Global South context, with a particular focus on the transformative outcomes. It gathered a large group of participants, both early career and more established researchers from Africa, Asia and Latin America, with experience working in innovation and transitions in these different contexts.

This report describes the main points of discussions and results from the workshop.  The transformative outcomes were discussed using three cases from the Global South: slum dweller relocation in Naorobi, Mobility in Kolkata and Governance of Wetlands  in Bogotá. Each case was used to discuss the suitability of the transformative outcome approach in supporting the process of change within their given context. Participants provided key theoretical and practical insights on these issues, for example: connecting network theory with the transformative outcomes, and reflecting on the role of outcomes such as regime destabilisation in different political contexts.

This report is a valuable resource for those interested in further understanding the transformative outcomes approach.

This workshop was organised by the Transformative Policy Innovation Consortium (TIPC), the Science Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex) and the Centre of Global Challenges (Utrecht University).

Workshop Organisers: Bipashyee Ghosh and Carla Alvial Palavicno